Unpacking Your Machine

The only tools you will need for this are – Scissors or knife and 5/8″ Spanner.  (this guide only applies to machines where standard (drop off only) delivery is required)

When we dispatch games, we wrap them in a thin plastic film, then cover them in cardboard and strap the cardboard on with nylon straps, we then wrap the cardboard in plastic film to protect from damp.

To Unpack Your Game

  1. Cut off and remove all the exterior plastic film, be careful not to cut the nylon straps at this point.
  2. Cut all the nylon straps off the cardboard (be careful, they sometimes spring off). You needn’t worry about the backbox falling down, it is secured with two more nylon straps.
  3. Remove all cardboard from the game.
  4. Remove the second layer of plastic film, be VERY CAREFUL not to cut the two remaining straps.
  5. Locate the nylon strap that secures only the legs to the backbox and cut. Leave the last strap until stage #13.
  6. Remove legs off backbox and place on the floor.
  7. Locate the ball plunger/gun, the front door keys will be cable tied to this. On some games that only have a button to launch the ball, the keys will be cable tied to the metal grills at the back of the backbox, cut the cable tie and unlock the front door.
  8. Inside the door you will see the cashbox, the cashbox will be secured by a rubber tube and cable tie. Cut the cable tie, remove the rubber and carefully take out the cashbox. Try to remove the cashbox by holding both the lid and plastic bottom, otherwise the plastic bottom will be in the bottom of the machine before you know it!
  9. Inside the cashbox you will find – balls, head bolts, leg bolts, power lead.
  10. Bolt the two shortest legs to the front of the game.
  11. Pull the game down so that it is resting on its two front legs and bottom.
  12. With a helper and possibly a high chair, lift the game up and bolt the two remaining legs on.
  13. Cut the final strap now, push the backbox up into it’s ‘normal’ position.
  14. Locate the backbox keys inside the coin door (usually to the left of the coin mechanism) and unlock the backbox.
  15. Remove backglass (at the bottom of the artwork, there is a lip, just lift this up) and place somewhere safe.
  16. Remove display panel (place your hands to the left and right of the display panel and lift), lay on the playfield glass.
  17. Locate the two holes at the bottom of the backbox, screw in the two backbox bolts supplied and replace display panel, backglass and return backglass keys to the coin door hook.
  18. Inside the coin door you will see a yellow lever – top right on all games except Pinball 2000 games, side the lever over to the left and the lock down bar (where you rest your hands while playing) will then be free to pull up.
  19. Get the bag of balls and slide out the playfield glass (only about 1/2 way), place the balls anywhere on the playfield where they can easily roll down to the flippers.
  20. Replace the glass and lock down bar.
  21. Put the cashbox back in the game.
  22. Plug in and turn on! The the game doesn’t come on locate the power switch under the cabinet and turn on.
  23. Adjust the volume as required with the red buttons.