When I receive my machine how should I unpack and set it up correctly?

Well, in most cases, we come along and set them up for you!  If you want to set it up yourself, then you should read our How to   unpack your machine. page or just talk to us +6695000204

How do you workshop a pinball machine, what do you actually do to it?

Please click “Commitment to Quality” for our workshop page to see what we do.

; What happens if the machine breaks down after the period of the warranty has expired?

All our machines are covered by our lifetime technical warranty, where we will always help you fix any problems on your machine. As we offer on-site pinball repairs through independent technicians located throughout the country we can even arrange to come and have a look at it for you.

What happens if I get tired of the machine, can I part-exchange it for another machine.

Yes, we will always take back our machines on part-exchange, we will normally allow you a very good part-exchange allowance off the new machine. Keep in mind you lose the VAT element of your purchase straight off. If we sell a game for £3800, we only get £3400 for it, the rest goes to HMRC!

Can I get extended warranties?

No. There’s just no point when all our games have free lifetime technical support and a TWO YEAR WARRANTY!

All these machine names don’t mean a thing to me, can you advise me?

Yes, we will advise you upon a game to suit you – depending on what features you like, ramps, loops, combos, or just a good enjoyable machine.

Do you sell unrestored machines cheap?

 NO, we will do not sell “as-is” or “unrestored” machines, we will only sell premium quality restored machines and new machines.

I’ve seen the same machine cheaper, elsewhere, will you price match or explain why you charge more?

Its like buying a car off a main dealer or a backstreet garage, the main dealer always has their reputation to uphold and cannot supply anything but excellence and the backstreet garage will always be able to undercut them but cutting the quality of what they sell and their aftersales support! We are the ONLY pinball dealer in the US appointed as a distributor by Jersey Jack Pinball/Planetary Pinball and many other things that are pinball!

I’ve got my machine home and I just can’t get on with it, what can I do now I’ve got it home?

 We offer a 14-day exchange plan (subject to the machine not having more than the maximum number of games on it, or it being a special order) where we will exchange it for a game of the same value or (if you wish to pay extra) more.

We will charge for delivering another machine and collecting the returned machine (usual delivery rates and £60 for the collection)

What are the most popular games for home use?

 It varies according to taste, theme and when a new model is released.

Can I pay cash and avoid paying the VAT or get it cheaper?

NO! Cash is more expensive for us to handle than Bank transfers and debit cards! A small discount for machine purchases is available for paying us by BACS transfer, call for details +16695000204