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We started out back in 2001 as The Pinballcop .  We originated from a desire to repair and restore pinball machines and a calling to supply top quality restored machines as a quality pinball retailer.  We quickly gained a reputation for supplying beautifully restored pinball machines in the US and Europe and won many prizes at shows for “best restored game”.


Pinball Machines for Sale

In 2006 we changed from we added more game rooms and expanded our market as a Ltd and from then the business and our dedication to be the best pinball retailer has only grown in strength. We are delighted to exclusively represent Jersey Jack Pinball in the US and Planetary Pinball for the supply of new pinball machines US along with many parts suppliers including recently XPin who make a fabulous range of quality LED replacement displays and PCB’s.  Our unique and totally unrivalled knowledge is why we in 2015 were the first US company to offer an unbeatable 2 YEAR WARRANTY ON PINBALL MACHINES.


Pinball Machine Parts for Sale

Our original business was one that sold and restored pinball machines but we later evolved to be the US’s number 1 pinball parts supplier due to our necessity for holding a large stock of parts for pinball machines that we were restoring.

Due to our unique knowledge of all things pinball we started to become exclusive distributor for many pinball companies based in the USA and we could bring our US and European customers a vast array of pinball parts from US stock delivered next day.  This was particularly important to the operator market – a pinball on location in a pub or bowling alley that is not working is losing its owner money!

We are able to offer thousands of pinball parts for sale from our US stock, from rubber ring kits to flipper parts, manuals, cleaning solutions, replacement circuit boards, motors, mechanism parts, bulbs and LED’s and pretty much every pinball part that you would ever need! Over 2000 products online.  Most parts orders will be shipped the same day!

Whether you want to look at pinball machines for sale or you simply want to talk to the most knowledgeable pinball machine experts in the US, just get in touch as we are always happy to talk all things pinball!